Services Offered


Specialized Services:
• Gastrointestinal Pathology
• Urological Pathology
• Breast Pathology including biopsy and Fine needle aspirates
• Pulmonary Pathology
• Gynaecologic pathology and cytology
• Haematopathology

Future Services
• Immunohistochemistry
• Molecular pathology

Scope of Services:
• H & E Stains
• Special Stains (AFB, Alcian blue, amyloid, cresyl violet,
   Mucicarmine, PAS, Masson trichrome, Iron)
• Large specimen gross examination
• Tissue processing, including sectioning and embedding
• Decalcify bone and tissue
• Processing specimens for outside consultation
• Cytotechnologist screening of gynaecologic PAP smears and
   non-gynaecologic cytology specimens
• Consultation on external samples